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The Union Gallery will host a reception for Lauren E. Allen and and Shannon N. West's show, Flourishing Fermentation. The reception will be Thursday, December 7 from 5-6:30 with light refreshments provided. The show is on view from Monday, December 4 through Thursday, January 4.

Artist Statement: 

Grief, a solitary syllable that encapsulates one of the most intricate facets of the human
experience. Grief is an ever-shifting, ever-expanding force, never confined to a single
dimension. It embodies ever changing, overlapping emotions that range from anger, depression to desperation. Whether stemming from the loss of a pet, a loved one or even a friendship, grief lies dormant within us, fermenting until it flourishes, adopting various forms and behaviors as we grapple with the profound task of understanding the experience. It emerges as the aftermath of death, unanswerable and enigmatic.

Flourishing Fermentation is a collection of sculptures, photographs and paintings, all formed
through our collaboration with grief and each other. As visitors traverse this exhibition, they will find themselves confronted with opportunities for introspection, an exploration of their own grief. We recognize that society often shies away from the subject of grief, despite its complexity and ongoing challenge it presents. Our aspiration is for this exhibit to offer a sanctuary, a space for individuals to confront their emotions, whether they have already flourished or are still in the throes of fermentation.

In loving memory of Emmett and Ryan

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