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SOSA is a closed process/support group focused on understanding the impact of sexual assault, provide coping tools, support and a safe venue for processing the client’s personal healing journey. The group will be formatted as a 10-week group focused on processing and support. Some topics of the group may include: Myths of sexual assault, effects of sexual assault, physical, emotional, and cognitive coping, relationships, healing, change, legacy, self-compassion, forgiveness, and hope. Members of this group will have experienced sexual trauma but will not be asked to disclose details of their trauma to the group. Members will however be asked to talk about their personal healing journey, process emotional reactions, reveal effects of the assault, as well as discuss coping strategies and obstacles to change. Members will be asked to participate in activities, learning coping skills, practicing coping or homework activities outside of group which may include creative activities, writing statements describing the effects of their trauma, cognitive behavioral exercises, mindfulness exercises, and journaling. To set up a screening for this group please email

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