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Introduction to Computer Aided Design for 3D printing using TinkerCAD. This TinkerCAD workshop will teach you how to makeyour very own 3D model in minutes! This easy-to-use browser-based application provides users with the tools to make what they want with little-to-know before experience about 3D Modeling. Not only that, but with it’s very useful exporting tools, users will learn how to take their creations outside of TinkerCAD in order to use them for 3D printing and content creation.


Course Goals and Objectives

The goal of the course is to have students develop and enrich their understanding of three dimensional designing and technologies to bring those design in to reality. Students will be provided with real-world, hands-on practical activities and projects to help them become proficient users of TinkerCAD, a computer aided design and modeling application.

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Streamed via Microsoft TEAMS link will be provided at registration