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Soldering is a process used for joining metal parts to form a mechanical or electrical bond. It typically uses a low melting point metal alloy (solder) which is melted and applied to the metal parts to be joined and this bond forms a connection when the solder solidifies. Soldering is a common practice in electronics and printed circuit boards. In this training we will cover important safety awareness when using solder and soldering tools, as well as focus on through-hole soldering. This is a hands-on training where attendees will learn proper tools and techniques for soldering when working with through-hole components. The project in this training is designed  to be non-daunting yet have enough solder points to allow attendees to practice the skills and become confident in basic through-hole soldering.



 After you have successfully assembled the kit, you will have a better knowledge of through-hole soldering and the tools, methods, and terminology for soldering.


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