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Drupal Views
Friday, July 13, 2018 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Dive in to Drupal Views | MyLearning Class Code: DIDV18-1

Class Description: Fed up creating hand-crafted lists, or of updating the same info in multiple places on your site?  Views is the essential tool that allows you to create those lists in an automated way.

Want to create a list of three upcoming events on your homepage and have them magically disappear to an archive page elsewhere on your site after the event is over? No actions by you or other editors? That’s a couple of views, buildable in under an hour. That’s the sort of thing the Views module was built for. Listing courses, organizing FAQs, generating a calendar, building photo galleries, RSS feeds… views can be configured to render these sorts of things for you as bulleted lists, tables, grids and other HTML structures so you don’t have to.

We will review content and data modeling concepts in Drupal, and dive into view types, fields, filters, pagination and all the not-so-scary ‘advanced’ features plus a roundup of handy third-party modules that will turn up the volume of your site to 11.

Authoring experience in Drupal is required, and some knowledge of content types, users, taxonomy terms and fields is helpful. No ‘programming’ experience is required, and we won’t have time to look at theming views on the filesystem, but basic understandings of HTML concepts and relational databases will improve your experience.

Prerequisite: Intro to Views is recommended, not required. Log in rights to a UNT website required.

Chilton Hall, Room 270
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UNT community
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University IT, Drupal Help Desk
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Monica Scott-Taliaferro
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Less Than 100