Discovery Series: Nian-Shing Chen

Submitted by amm0831 on Thu, 09/07/2017 - 10:15am
Thursday, September 21, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:30pm

Please joins us for the next Discovery Series presentation streamed live through College of Information's YouTube channel and hosted in G150 (The Agora Space) at Discovery Park.

Gaming systems such as the Nintendo Wii have captured the attention of the general public with the idea that you can do an everyday movement - a wave of your arm or a turn of your head - that will manipulate and control technology.  Touchscreens, sensors, and VR setups all allow you to get even closer to direct interaction with a program than you can with a mouse or keyboard.  But this technology is not just all fun and games: gesture-based computing has recently received great attention in educational technology. An increasing number of studies and experiments have attempted to integrate its major features—gestures and body motions—into both physical and conceptual learning activities.

Nian-Shing Chen has been doing research on how to make learning kinesthetic and how to design pedagogically meaningful gesture-based learning systems.  He will present the current psychology and education understanding of the field as well as the results of implementing gestures/body motions in his own study cases.  He will also demonstrate some potential research frameworks that you can use in future research.

Room G150 (The Agora) at Discovery Park
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College of Information Office of the Dean
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